5 Tips for hot Valentine’s Day

Give a gift to your GFIf you do not know how to prepare interesting Valentine’s program which appealed to you and your partner, we will give you some HOT tips. You never made a mistake, if you bet on the fascination of the senses! Massages, spas, saunas, use resources that will appeal to all your senses. You can experiment with chocolate (you can even eat it from your boyfriend body!)

But do you know which gift never fails? Sexi lingerie – This applies for both of you!

But let’s get to the point:

1. Longer Foreplay

When did you have a long foreplay last time? We don’t have enough time for each other and even sex must be quick, right?

Let’s play with him and your partner will play with you. Play for so long until you can, then enjoy better delight and more enjoyable sex at all. In addition, prolonged foreplay will also help in cases where you had experience with pain during sex.

2. A hot bath

You can warm up in other ways, than alcohol or tea. Nothing is better than a hot bath before foreplay – or you can even start foreplay in the bath. It’s a good idea? You can use essential oils. Talk with your partner in a bath, tell him how great it is etc. Enjoy every minute with your partner.

Do not talk about work and avoid debate about negative things. Think positive as much as possible.

3. A new place

Sex on Valentine’s Day? Nothing unusual. But at least try the unusual position or place. What about sex on the stairs or on the dinner table? What about forest? Just find a suitable tree or own car on which you can rely. Use your imagination and fill your most deep desires!

4. Massage Oil

Buy some special types of massage oils that stimulate the senses and act as aphrodisiacs. For example: chocolate, almond and banana. They can be gently rubbed into the partner’s body and he or she can just relax and enjoy it!

5. Buy him/her a new sexi underwear

Do not choose this time by practicality, but choose something which will looks most sexi to you. You can also select special sexy outfit on common games. Be creative, imagine!

6. BONUS: Spanish Fly Pro

Yes, aphrodisiacs were always part of our sex lives. We are offering you a brand new innovative aphrodisiac: Spanish Fly Pro! It’s pure herbal based and FDA approved!

We hope that your Valentine’s day will be a great and romantic day for both of you. We also hope that this day will be fully dedicated to your love.

Enjoy Valentines day