Aphrodisiacs: A Guide to Using Food to Set the Mood for Love

aphrodisiac-chocolateAphrodisiac is an ancient term that refers to specific foods that can increase sexual drive and desire. While little scientific documentation exists, theories have been circulating since ancient times regarding the sexually restorative powers of food.

When passion in a relationship has slowed to a crawl, or if there is a special occasion in which only a Marvin Gaye song can be the soundtrack, it may be time to do a little experimentation (just for the sake of science!)

Romance can slip away easily when couples give in to a boring routine. It’s always a good idea to be open to new ideas if couples really wants to broaden their romantic repertoire. Trying even one of these tips could help put the heat back into the flame.

Herbal Helpers

Sweet basil is believed to stimulate sex drive and boost fertility. Even the aroma of basil is said to drive men wild and cheer the heart and mind. In Italy, a pot of basil on the windowsill is expected to signal a lover. It is also associated with the pagan love goddess and is used as an ingredient in love spells. Sprinkle a little fresh basil in a favourite pasta dish and maybe a love spell won’t be far behind.

Chinese ginseng is a powerful herb that is widely used as a sexual tonic. When taken long term, ginseng is known to enhance sexual energy and vitality. Some of the compounds found in ginseng may be similar to certain sex and adrenal hormones. Though the effects of ginseng aren’t felt immediately, it is always wise to have a long term plan when it comes to romance (not everything can change in one evening).

Sweeten the Mood

Chocolate is a luxurious yet familiar treat that contains cocoa as a chief ingredient. The Aztecs made hot beverages with cocoa and believed it was a gift from the gods that could enhance sexual prowess. Cocoa can increase production of endorphins in women and contains potent antioxidants. Make sure to select chocolate for your partner that has a higher percentage of cocoa and one that isn’t full of sugar and butter (bad fats and refined sugars are not going to heat things up in any relationship).

Strawberries may be a bit banal when it comes to passion and romance, but, some things are cliché for a reason. This red, sweet, plump fruit has sexy written all over it. In Ancient Rome, the strawberry was known to whet the sexual appetite of lovers, and it just happens to be the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. Pair this little heart-shaped treat with drizzled chocolate to add a little sugar and spice to a tedious romantic routine.

Love Cocktails

The pomegranate was long considered an aphrodisiac by Ancient Egyptians. This fruit of the Gods also symbolizes fertility and abundance in many cultures. Some Greek brides might even toss a pomegranate instead of a bouquet on their wedding day. With so many pomegranate liqueurs and beverages available today, it’s easy to sip an ounce of Aphrodite’s favourite cocktail on a special evening.

Coffee, in moderation, may be another potent aphrodisiac. As a stimulant, coffee can provide the nervous system with a little jolt of energy. Coffee may also increase dopamine levels and elevate moods. Try abstaining from caffeine for a few days before the big night to be fully sensitive to its effects. Make sure the beans are recently roasted and freshly ground and that both partners enjoy the particular brand and aroma.

Being Open to a New Experience

Though some people think the mind is the most powerful aphrodisiac there is, others think the mind has worked enough over-time, and that maybe, approaching love and life with creativity and a sense of adventure can only make things more interesting.