Love with food, how?

Aphrodisiacs You Need to Have in Your Sexual Arsenal

Anyone in a relationship knows that sex plays a big part in a partnership. This makes or breaks what the couple has. Women, in particular, can be quite hard on themselves when sex fails to give them pleasure. They immediately think, “Oh, it’s my fault.”

you kiss my neck...

Remember, romance is a two-way thing. The guy also has to be sensitive to the girl’s needs and he also has to be just as vigilant. More importantly, there is help because aphrodisiacs are readily available practically everywhere.

If you’re thinking about adding some spice in the bedroom, you simply need to realize that food and herbs can be aphrodisiacs. Turn to Aphrodite because she has the key to your success. After all, the word aphrodisiac comes from her name.

What are Aphrodisiacs?

Aphrodisiacs are foods, scents, and substances that increase libido. These are meant to intensify sexual appetite and get your body more than ready for sex. If you read up on the topic, you’ll find a list of products that are meant to help you. Unfortunately, doctors and health experts hasn’t given the stamp of approval for all these items. So, you need to be careful with the choices you make.

Do you know what are Aphrodisiacs?

They may increase your pheromone production, but at what cost?

Do you really want to risk your life and limb just to improve the quality of your relationship?

Hmmm…maybe not.

As you delve further into your research, you’ll also come across a list of organic and everyday foods that increase sexual appetite. You don’t need to blast your body with a slew of unknown chemicals. Just buy the right kind of items in the grocery or in specialty stores because as what so many people can attest to, many of these actually work.

It’s time to listen to the expert claims and take the next steps with caution. Opt for safer solutions and see whether or not these solutions actually increase the quality of your lovemaking.

Common Aphrodisiacs

Make sex better by getting to know some of the most famous aphrodisiacs that you can easily get your hands on. In the end, you don’t always need the help of a doctor to foster and improve sex. All you need are the following items in your pantry:

1. Chocolates – These are actually the most popular in the list. You want to sweeten up your sex life, then go for something sweet. Chocolates are made of cocoa, a substance that has phenethylamine. In turn, this contains serotonin, a feel good hormone that doesn’t just heighten sexual appetite, but improves your mood as well. So the next time you’re feeling low and frustrated, treat yourself to a sinful chocolate bar.

2. Strawberries – Get these when they’re in season. You’ll enjoy the full-bodied taste that strawberries give and they’re medically known to heighten sexual function. Up the ante and dip these in chocolate while you take things in the bedroom to a whole new level.

3. Oysters – These have taken a lot of rap from those who like making fun of people with decreased sexual appetites. But there is truth to the claims. Oysters contain a substance called zinc, something that increases testosterone production.

Both men and women can benefit from this, but the best part of it all is that you don’t need to live in the coast to get your hands on a pound of oysters. These are readily available in grocery stores. Just make sure you get them fresh because you wouldn’t want to suffer from food poisoning simply because you were careless with your choices.

4. Mussels – Another product of the sea. If you’re not a big oyster fan, mussels are an equally great substitute. These release testosterones and estrogens that enhance appetite. If you want to make your dining experience more memorable, have some wine with it and flavor your food with butter and garlic. This will be a great treat, but your experience becomes even more memorable afterwards.

5. Gingko Biloba – This is an organic product that hails from China. It improves blood flow, especially in the genital area. So, how exactly do you take this? Well, you may not know how to incorporate gingko biloba in your food, but you certainly can look supplements have this in the list of ingredients.

Many of the items sold in the market are made from organic products, things that don’t harm your body or expose you to further health dangers.

Chocolate as well known aphrodisiac

6. Ginseng – The Chinese certainly know their herbs. Maybe because they’ve been turning to organic products for years now. Ginseng is often taken in tea form and is known to increase blood flow in the genital region as well. It’s also known to stave off the detrimental effects of stress.

Just make sure to follow the recommended dose because, as you know, too much of something isn’t good for you.

7. Coriander – Men turn to snake blood to enhance libido. Women, on the other hand, opt for the milder coriander. This gives a mild feeling of euphoria, especially when you mix it with your drink.

8. Cucumber – This may come as a shock to many of you, but now that you know how helpful cucumber is, throw in some slices of this vegetable when you make your salad. The smell is believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

9. Celery – A stick of celery goes a long, long way. That’s because this is considered to be a potent stimulant. It doesn’t taste much but people have been making celeries a part of their entrée. If you want to enhance its taste, dip it in blue cheese dressing.

Celery is great for sex

10. Damiana – Damiana can be obtained by drying the leaves of the shrub and drinking it like tea. However, the whole process can be quite tedious. It’s a good thing that this is also available in health stores. You just have to mix a few drops of it in your food or in your drink.

Now that you know what the natural aphrodisiacs are, finding the solution is all up you. Whatever it may be, you can seek refuge in the fact that you do get the help you need. You may also want in crease libido by trying a product called Spanish Fly Pro. It’s made from tried and tested components that improve your sexual experience without the ill side effects that western medicines give.