Bad Parenting

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Are you sure that the parenting given to your little one is correct? Let’s check, moms, some bad parenting patterns for your little one

We really need to know together, yes Moms, that children are individual figures who have the right to grow and develop according to a good life path. So from Moms, it’s very important to pay attention to the parenting that you give to your baby. Every parent has a different parenting style for their child.

Sometimes they are confused about what kind of parenting and how to apply for their children, so that not a few of them end up giving bad upbringing patterns for their children, in which this parenting should not be given to children, because it will have a bad impact on them.

Well, here we have written down some of the bad and bad parenting styles applied to the baby. Whatever it is, let’s just take a look!

The first is authoritarian parenting.

Do you know what is authoritarian parenting? Authoritarian parenting is a form of parenting that requires the child to obey all the wishes of his parents. In this pattern, parents tend to impose their will and do not accept objections from children.

Parents with this parenting pattern tend to have high expectations of their children but do not respect the child as a child. Characteristics of authoritarian parents will usually be too demanding of children.

Order and restrain the child without letting the child express his heart’s desire. In addition, parents who apply authoritarian parenting will respond to their children’s mistakes by giving punishment. Even though this will certainly have a bad impact on the baby.

The bad effects that will appear on children when their parents apply authoritarian parenting are: Children will have low levels of self-confidence and self-esteem, children will find it difficult to adjust themselves because they are more at risk of depression.

Second, Physically abusing children.

Parents with this kind of parenting do not really deserve to be parents. They tend to vent a lot of their anger on their little one so that they do bad treatment on their child’s physique. Such behavior clearly has a very bad impact on the growth and development of children. Children may experience severe mental disorders due to the treatment of their parents.

Third, Permissive Parenting.

In this bad parenting style, parents will give freedom to their children without giving them any restrictions. They tend not to provide supervision to the baby. An example of this permissive parenting pattern, for example, is that parents continue to let their children play games without stopping. Of course this will have a bad impact on the baby, because they will not know the word discipline and cannot recognize a sense of responsibility.

Fourth, being unfair to children.

Usually parents who have more than one child will compare their child with a better or smarter child. This of course can damage the personality of the child, so that one of the children being compared will feel humiliated and unappreciated by his parents. Parenting like this can also cause feelings of hurt in children so that children may have feelings of hatred for their parents.

The fifth, parents set a bad example in front of their children.

A child will tend to follow what his parents do, including bad behavior that parents show to their children. For example, parents often swear in front of their children. Children will follow what they see and hear from their parents. As a person, try as much as possible not to show or do bad things in front of the baby, so that the baby does not imitate it.

The sixth, temporary parenting.

In this bad parenting style, parents do not have a stance and are not consistent with their words. Parents seem to have no firmness in educating their children, so they will feel confused about the rules that their parents have set. This kind of parenting will certainly have a bad impact on children.

Your child will grow up to be someone who doesn’t have high self-confidence. Moms. An example of this parenting pattern is for example a child who plays until he forgets the time. Parents will scold their children when they come home late, but sometimes parents will leave it as if the child did nothing wrong.

Try to be a wise parent, moms. Choose a good parenting style. Teach your little one something positive so as not to have a bad impact on him in the future.

Hopefully useful, happy reading!

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