Confused Moms Want to Choose What Books Is Suitable For Learning Parenting?

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Check here, Moms, some recommendations for parenting books that Moms can use as a guide in parenting.

Hello Moms, Right now, there are a lot of topics that talk about parenting.

In fact, there are many parenting books that teach about how to be a good parent for children. Because raising children is not something that can be carelessly Moms, therefore it is really necessary for mothers to have a parenting book as a guide when raising children so that they don’t experience mistakes in their parenting.

However, before buying parenting books, make sure you give according to your needs, such as choosing books according to your child’s parenting style, then adjust the book’s needs to the conditions of the family and also consider buying books that are appropriate for your child’s age.

Okay Moms, so here we have collected some books that you can use as references in your guide to parenting. Just check it out!

Be a dream parent

Have you ever heard the title of this book? This book is one of the parenting books that Mom’s can use as a reference. In this book, mothers will gain knowledge about how to understand the needs of the baby. In this book, mothers will learn about how to care for and raise awareness in nurturing children, so that your little one will grow up well and become a generation that you can be proud of.

The Montessori Toddler

In this book, mothers can find some important knowledge and information related to Montessori activities that are suitable for children’s growth and development. In this book, mothers can find various ways to approach children. This book invites its readers to raise their children according to the Montessori method. As a mother who has a toddler, this book is very suitable for understanding the pattern and behavior of the baby.

Fall in love with Montessori (Jatuh hati pada Montessori)

This book contains the history and philosophy of Montessori. In this book, you will find a discussion about the differences between parenting using the Montessori method and conventional parenting.

Teach like Finland

From the title alone, you can guess what this book is about. Yes, in this book, mothers can imitate the parenting method which is done by parents in Finland. This book contains interesting and fun teaching and learning strategies. This book can be used as a choice of parenting books that can be used as a guide in raising your little one.

Good Childhood Memories

Hey, can you guess what the bun contains? This book contains the author’s own experiences in raising and raising his children which contains many good memories. Here, mothers can also find a number of tips for raising children so they can create beautiful memories.

Bringing Up Bebe

Do you know that this book is about French parenting style. This book is also interesting, you know moms to be used as a guide in parenting.

Minimalist Parenting

In this book, mothers can find out about how to do parenting style with a minimalist approach. In this book, mothers can enjoy the beauty of parenting without overdoing it.

Every Child is Special

Moms, in this book we can find alternative ways to deal with problems in the behavior of the baby and how to assist the growth and development of the baby.

Play the danish way

In this book, mothers can find that playing is not a bad thing and makes children lazy to learn. Precisely by playing, children will train their confidence and hone the abilities that exist in a child.

Self Theories

Moms, this book is very helpful for parents to be able to understand the character and personality of their children. This book also contains about how to act and think someone who has been through research for 30 years.

The Awakened family

Moms, the good relationship between us and our children will certainly determine the future of our children. As discussed in this book. This book has answered many of the questions parents dread. In this book the author tells his personal experience about how he raised the baby.

Calmer, easier, happier parenting

This book with an interesting title presents strategies that parents can use to make their children more independent, obedient and considerate of their environment. This book is also suitable Moms for mothers who want their children to be more sensitive to their environment.

Happy Little Soul

Moms, judging by the title, it’s funny hihi. This book also tells about the author’s personal experience in educating and raising his children. This book also teaches us as parents to always prioritize the happiness of our children. Those are Moms, some recommendations for parenting books that you can use as a guide in raising your baby. Hopefully useful, Moms.

Happy reading.

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