Definition Helicopter Parenting

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The definition of helicopter parenting that moms should know! Listen carefully, Moms!!

Moms, have you ever heard of helicopter parenting? Are you curious about this definition helicopter parenting?

So, there are many types and patterns in parenting Moms, one of which is the helicopter parenting pattern.

Definition Helicopter Parenting.

The definition of helicopter parenting is a parenting pattern that is too regulated and always wants to be involved in a child’s life. Parents with this parenting pattern tend to be too much in charge of what the children will do. This of course will have a bad impact on children. Children will find it difficult to explore their own world to try new things for them to learn. Because basically, children need to learn many things on their own so that they know the meaning of challenges, failures and successes. This parenting style will not allow children to experience sadness or disappointment.

So, what are some examples of the helicopter parenting pattern?

For example, when a child is about to enter high school or college, because they are used to it from the start, parents are involved in handling this matter, they will not let their children have trouble registering themselves.

Then again, for example, when a child is not allowed to go to school, his parents here will ask the teacher for permission. This will certainly make the child not have the independence and responsibility with his own problems.

What are the characteristics of parents who apply the helicopter parenting pattern?

Not letting children know the consequences

The first characteristic of the helicopter parenting pattern is that it never introduces children to consequences. Children who get this helicopter parenting pattern usually will not be able to solve their problems on their own. When he gets into a problem, for example, he makes a mistake at school, the child will not have any consequences because their parents will take care of it and solve it.

Always help children do their work.

Just a small example when children get homework from school. When children find it difficult to work on them, parents will work on their children’s tasks until they are finished.

Then, how to avoid being a parent who applies the helicopter parenting pattern? Here’s how:

Involve children in taking care of themselves.

Teach your little one to do things that suit him, such as bathing, eating, and changing his own clothes. This is done so that the little one learns to be independent and responsible for himself since he was small.

When the child is having difficulties, parents just need to direct and provide sufficient assistance.

Invite your child to discuss in overcoming the problems he is facing. Give enough help, not all. Teach them to solve their own problems.

Respect every decision of your child.

Moms, respect the decision that your child chooses. If it’s good for them then support it. If it’s not good, give them directions so that their bad choice can be a good choice.

Don’t spoil your children too much.

As parents, we must be able to differentiate between what needs to be given to children and what shouldn’t be given. Don’t give them everything they ask for, because that will make it easier for children to get something, so they can’t learn to try to get something.

Control feelings of excessive worry in children.

Moms, worrying about children is definitely okay, but don’t worry too much to not let them do new things for them to learn. Try to believe in the child that the child will still be fine even if the parents are not with them. Let them do things on their own but still give them adequate supervision.

Do not be too snooping on their activities.

Suppose when they are in school. We as parents do not need to send orders to look after them at school. Give them reasonable freedom to move so that their mindset and hidden abilities are well honed. Now you know what the definition of helicopter parenting is and how to avoid it.

Now we will mention some of the negative effects of the helicopter parenting pattern.

Loss of confidence in children.

Excessive parental involvement in children makes them not confident when doing things on their own.

Skills of children who cannot develop properly.

Parents who always take care of their children’s needs excessively tend to make children unable to hone their skills.

The child’s inability to deal with problems.

Makes children give up easily because they are used to all the problems their parents solve, this makes children easily give up and give up when they just get into trouble.

So, yes Moms, the bad impact of parenting helicopters on children. Hopefully definition helicopter parenting the above explanation can help mothers be more careful in raising their children.

Happy reading.

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