Does Spanish Fly Pro Work?

With every potentially helpful product, the million dollar question is always, “does it work?” Without getting overly technical, Spanish Fly Pro works in the same way it does in animals. Just as in nature, men and women are susceptible to pheromones and aphrodisiacs. What Spanish Fly Pro does is incorporate these ingredients in a safe and logical fashion to help the performance of men and women sexually.

First it is important to dispel myths about the emerald beetle’s aphrodisiac itself. In ancient times, this green beetle’s usage was deemed unwise because the substance secreted included toxic agents. As we all know, innovation and use of ingredients have come a long way since then, and it is vital to state that Spanish Fly Pro’s solution is derived completely differently than how it was used in the past. 

The new Spanish Fly Pro is 100% herbal, using common and beneficial ingredients without the use of artificial components and potentially dangerous foreign properties. It is primarily made up of water, fructose, melatonin, and canitis. These FDA approved additions are safe, and combined together form a powerful and potent solution for the human body. Just as an energy drink can make you feel alert and mobile, Spanish Fly Pro jolts your stimulation triggers and grants you and your partner a sexual awakening.


What are the most beneficial ways SFPro works?

  • Combines all natural herbal ingredients that safely promote sexual arousal
  • Quickly makes you interested in intercourse by making you more sensitive to touch
  • Encourages the firing of endorphins in your brain by awakening your sex drive
  • Gives you a stress-free, no nonsense way to take it by simply mixing in any drink


Any woman will tell you a large libido is the difference between good sex and great sex, but do not just take their word for it. In nature bigger libidos stir fertility in mates. This is important because a female being more fertile makes her more susceptible to longer, more intense orgasms. 

You think this doesn’t matter to a woman? Of course it does! Spanish Fly Pro works in making the libido engorged. This is done by maximizing blood flow to the genitalia. Erections occur when someone is aroused, and this is due to blood flow. Like fresh oil making a car run more smoothly, Spanish Fly Pro increases the speed at which blood flow is distributed, which is why it is so successful at making men and women horny, for lack of a better term, in minutes. 

Because the aphrodisiac is a liquid, it is absorbed more quickly than a tablet or pill that has to dissolve, and once in the bloodstream its natural ingredients work their magic.

But just because Spanish Fly Pro makes you have a larger erection, how does this make sex better? Besides just a more pleasure-filled experience for your lover, with more blood flow comes a LONGER erection as well. This is why it is a solid opponent in battling erectile dysfunction. 

To be able to maintain a large libido for extended periods of time is hugely beneficial because it prolongs the sexual experience and provides added stamina for you to please your partner. This affects a woman by making her vagina highly lubricated, and more prone to having repeated orgasms.

Spanish Fly Pro also works by giving more pleasure to touch. When your libido is lengthened it is more likely to react positively to feeling, and since your erections last longer, so does your pleasure. The reason why aphrodisiacs are so effective is because they are almost impossible for your sex drive to ignore. Just as you crave eating and sleeping, Spanish Fly Pro has you craving intercourse.