Erectile Dysfunction – What the Man and Woman Can Do

They make sex look so easy. Experts talk about erogenous zones and blue pills to make the experience in the bedroom more memorable. In reality, it’s actually a lot harder than it is. Erectile dysfunction comes with its own set of repercussions. Aside from feeling inadequate, men feel as if they’ve lost a good chunk of their manhood, their mojo.

As a partner, how do you help your man cope with the effects of erectile dysfunction? How do you get him through this very difficult stage in his life?

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Young couple ask themselvesBefore we delve deeper into the subject, you need to understand what erectile dysfunction really means?

ED is otherwise known as impotence. This is the inability to achieve erection during sexual activity. Blood flow to the penis is either halted or isn’t sustained during erection. Thus, his penis becomes flaccid and as a result, he is unable to please the woman in return.

Effects of ED

Here comes the difficult part. Hundreds of couples can tell you how ED can break relationships. Your man will go through the following issues when he knows that he’s unable to satisfy in bed:

  1. He becomes insecure. That’s because he feels much less like a man. As you know, men take pride in their virility. If they lose the ability to satisfy their partners, then they just might assume that a big part of them is missing.
  1. He becomes withdrawn. Without the proper help and support, he could retreat into himself and refuse to talk about the problem for fear of humiliation and ridicule.
  1. He loses his true self. Without support, he won’t think he’s good enough for a relationship. Someone men will make up for what they lack by throwing all their energy into their social life while others will just lock themselves at home and hope that time will make them feel better.

There is help available. There are supplements out there that help men overcome problems related to erectile dysfunction.

How Male Impotence Occurs

Male impotence or erectile dysfunction plagues men of every shape, size, and form. Its most popular victims are the so-called older men, those above 45. Impotence also comes in varying degrees. Some guys just can’t get it up. Others do, but only for brief periods of time. As a consequence, they’re unable to fully please their partners.

It’s rare for young men to suffer from ED or erectile dysfunction. Older guys, on the other hand, are more prone to health problems that are often connected to the condition. Heart issues, diabetes, angina, and high blood pressure are some of the most common culprits.

Then, there’s also the issue on testosterone. The body stops producing this hormone when men reach a certain age. The situation is further aggravated by poor diet and some medicines. Testosterone is not only crucial to sex drive, but it’s also the very compound that helps maintain nitric oxide levels in the penis.

Psychological factors can also be responsible for ED. Oftentimes, these point to stress, anxiety, depression, insecurity, low self-esteem, trauma, and the like. You should also note that most brain medications lower sex drive. While these may be helpful in treating psychological problems, the side effects are not quite pleasant. This is a big blow, especially for men who have been sexually active for most their lives.

Natural Ways to Stop Impotence

There is a lot of natural ways to help with erectile dysfunction.
There is a lot of natural ways to help with erectile dysfunction.

Those who suffer from male impotence can now take a breath of relief. Being part of the relationship, you two should realize that there is a solution to your dilemma. The other patients have sought help from doctors who have prescribed pharmaceutical medicines that are made from potent ingredients. Some, on the other hand, have decided to tale the natural route. They simply refuse to take risks, especially when some believe that these medicines make one more prone to serious health problems such as stroke and heart attack.

There are a variety of natural cures for male impotence. Some of the more popular methods are as follows:

  1. Kegel or Jelqing Exercises

These are a series of exercises that strengthen the penis muscles and enhance the blood flow down the shaft. The muscles used here are the ones used when peeing. If you want to do this, you should ask your man to practice the exercise by holding his pee midstream.

  1. Proper Diet

Not everything sold in the grocery is healthy. Everyone knows that for a fact. Certain items are said to lower testosterone levels while others are believed to enhance it. Health and food experts know what these are. They recommend meals that are made from natural aphrodisiacs such as watermelon, garlic, oysters, asparagus, avocado, chili, and maca root.

  1. Water

It’s difficult to achieve full erection when arteries are clogged. The best way to clean this is to drink lots of water. This removes all the unwanted waste out of the system the natural way. In fact, experts recommend more than just the usual 8 glasses.

  1. Exercise

This is going beyond the penile strengthening exercise. It’s about being able to sweat it out and having the perfect outlet for stress.

exercise-sweating the stress

  1. Natural Supplements

Nature is a wonderful source for treatments when it comes to male impotence. The necessary ingredients are collected, measured, and studied in order to come up with pills that address every problem found in the body. These issues, of course, are all related to libido.

Again, it also helps to know what the most common aphrodisiacs are:

  1. Asparagus – increases sex drive
  2. Avocado – rich in a folic acid that enhances libido
  3. Watermelon – contains citrulline, an amino acid that relaxes constricting blood vessels
  4. Dark Chocolate – rich in antioxidants that help the brain release endorphins
  5. Salmon – maintains fluidity in cell membranes


Male impotence is a problem, but it shouldn’t have to be. If you’re willing to get help and expert advice, you don’t need to worry about this ever again. Nature can provide you with the weapons you need to fight ED. One of the most popular supplements out in the market is called Spanish Fly Pro. So, why not take advantage of the help readily available? You’ll see how much better things can be for you and your loved one if you take heed of these suggestions. Know more about it by clicking here!