Product FAQ

Q.: What does Spanish Fly Pro look like?

A.: Check photos from our customer. Bottle, Whole Box (bottle of Spanish Fly Pro is inside). Looks hot, right?

Q.: How much is in each bottle?

A.: Each bottle is 5ml.

Q.: How many servings is in each bottle?

A.: We recommend 5 drops per serving, so each 5ml bottle is about 15 servings.

Q.: Is Spanish Fly Pro safe?

A.: Yes, it is approved by both the MHRA and FDA.

Q.: What are Spanish Fly Pro’s main ingredients?

A.: Main ingredients are: Maca extract, L-Arginine HCl, Tribulus terrestris 60%, Guarana 8%, Caffeine, Panax Ginseng, Zinc.

Q.: How the product taste? What color it have?

A.: Yellow color and Grapefruit taste.

Q.: Who can use it?

A.: Both genders can use Spanish Fly Pro. Although it’s safe for every age, we recommend that users be at least 18 years old before using.

Q.: How much is it?

A.: Spanish Fly Pro is offered at 4 price points:

1 bottle for $76

3 bottles for $133 (our most valuable offer)

6 bottles for $389

15 bottles for $669

Packaging and Shipping FAQ

Q.: How much for shipping?

A.: FREE Standart International shipping.

Q.: Does the product come in discreet packaging?

A.: Yes, no one will know about your purchase, expect you.

No brand-name or product-name will appear on the shipping box or your credit card statement. That is our promise and guarantee!

Q.: When can I expect my discreet package?

USA and CANADA = 10-15 business days (usually much faster)
EUROPE = 5 business days
ASIA = 10-15 business days