Get Acquainted With This One Parenting Style

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Let’s get acquainted with this one parenting style. Positive parenting pattern that is effective for educating children without violence.

Hello Moms, We meet again, those who are still loyal to discussing parenting issues.

In this article, we will discuss positive parenting. Hmm, what do you mean by positive parenting?

Moms, Positive parenting is a parenting pattern that focuses more on positive things, such as not doing violence to children, supporting child development and parenting in a fun way. This Positive parenting pattern is also quite effective, you know, Moms for educating children. This pattern will teach children how to be disciplined without giving them punishment or violence.

By the way, what kind of violence do you mean?

The violence in question is for example, pulling a child’s ear or even locking a child in the bathroom. Of course this will cause fear in children if later children meet their parents. The basic principle of this Positive Parenting pattern is how parents can respect their children. Children will grow up to be positive individuals if their parents always give positive actions. In this parenting style, parents can also position themselves as friends for their children. That way the child will be able to open up to his parents.

Then, what are the benefits of this Positive parenting pattern?

Children will feel more valued.

The first benefit of applying this positive parenting pattern is that children will feel more valued by their parents. If your little one makes a mistake, don’t immediately scold or punish him, Moms. Give the child a chance to explain why he did this. When you listen to what your child has to say, your child will definitely feel appreciated by their parents. Children will be able to understand that the mistakes they make can be used as learning experiences.

The relationship between parents and children will get better.

Moms, it will definitely be very happy for children if we as parents never do violence to them. By avoiding violence when a child makes a mistake, the relationship between the two will be stronger.

Helping children in finding solutions to their problems.

By applying this parenting style, parents will involve children in finding solutions to existing problems. For example, a child breaks a flower pot. Here, you can teach your little one how to solve the problem of a broken flower pot. Mother can teach them how to plant or put flowers back in new pots. With this the child will also learn how to be responsible.

Then, how do you apply this Positive parenting pattern? Here are ways that you can apply to your baby:

Focus on the child’s positive behavior and give praise or appreciation.

Moms, as a child, of course, will be very happy if praised by their parents. For that, give in the form of praise or appreciation to children when they do something positive. But don’t praise them too often or too much, Moms, because that will have a bad impact on them.

Get to know your child’s development.

Moms, we as parents must be able to recognize and see developments in children, both emotional development and other developments. Train children’s abilities by giving them trust and support so that children can develop their abilities well.

Teach important values ​​in life.

Teach children important values ​​in life, such as mutual respect, empathy for others, courtesy, helping others and others.

Give your baby room to grow and learn from your mistakes, give your little one room to always learn from the mistakes they make.

Don’t always assume that mistakes are negative things, but make mistakes that children make as a way for them to learn.

Be a good example for your children.

Basically, children will imitate everything they see, including the behavior and behavior of their parents. Therefore, set a good example for Them. Teach them positive things so that positive things can become a habit.

Determine house rules but with clear reasons.

Making rules at home can certainly help children to be more disciplined. However, in making these rules always explain clearly the reasons why the rules must be obeyed. Moms, discipline your child in a gentle but firm way. Do not act violently let alone to make them afraid. For example, bid children not to play cellphones for more than 2 hours. Explain to them that if you play on your cellphone for too long it will affect your eye health.

So, yes Moms, the complete definition of positive parenting. The point is, never do violence to children such as hitting and pinching as punishment. Make punishments that make them learn, so that it can make children more independent and responsible.

Happy reading, Moms, hopefully it’s useful.

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