How to Make Your Sex Life More Sexciting

How to rekindle old passion and make your sex life exciting again. Tips for getting the boredom out of the bedroom, going from nice to naughty.

So you and your partner have been living together for several years, or maybe you’ve just been dating for a prolonged period of time. With time, sex may start to become repetitive and at times even boring. Not only are you worried that your man may start looking elsewhere, but perhaps you would also like to get excited about sex like you used to when you just started dating. Well congratulations! Getting that urge is the first step to rekindling the passion in your lovemaking.

There are several tips you could follow to take the boredom out of the bedroom. Depending on how sexually open you and your partner are, you could try one or all of the following to seduce your man and spark things up in the bedroom.

Let Him Know You are in the Mood

Send your partner a dirty text message while you are both at work, hinting towards the fact that a special surprise will be waiting for him tonight. Tell him how hot you feel right now and that you cannot wait to get your hands on him later that evening. Make sure your message uses specific examples, such as making reference to what he wore in the morning or to what you will be wearing (or not wearing) when he gets home.

Introduce New Elements

Meet up after work and take a stroll to a nearby sex-shop. Find an item you are both comfortable with to try later on that day. A dildo might be a little too much, but some oil or lubricant may work wonders in the bedroom!

Buy a jar of Nutella and put it within arm’s reach. Draw a pattern on your partner’s naked body with it, then lick it off

Change the Atmosphere

Wear something daring: red or black lingerie is extremely sexy, especially for men – they are visual creatures and respond well to visual simulation

Leave the lights on. If you are feeling shy, have some wine beforehand

Try to have sex in different locations throughout the house: try the shower, the living room, even the kitchen. Again, a little wine at first wouldn’t hurt if you are feeling shy.

Take Mental Notes

After intercourse, try to collect feedback on what your partner liked or disliked about the session. While lying next to your partner, discuss with him what you both enjoyed the most during your lovemaking. Take mental notes for next time!

Experiment and Let Loose

Most importantly, you both know each other well, so feel free to experiment. The worst thing that can happen is your partner may decide not to partake in your experiment, so you will just have to come up with something different for next time. But who can pass on Nutella, especially when it is served on such a beautiful platter as your naked body?