How To Use Spanish Fly Pro

Part of Spanish Fly Pro’s appeal is that it is very quick and easy to use. With anywhere between 5 and 7 drops of liquid into the drink of your choice, within five minutes your libido size will increase up to 300 percent. This is essential for maximum clitoral stimulation of your partner.

An increased libido also raises sex drive, and often stamina in the bedroom. Perhaps most exciting however is how Spanish Fly Pro makes pleasure of touch rise up to 230 percent. For someone seeking mind-blowing orgasms for yourself and your significant other, this positive effect stimulates sexual response time and makes foreplay and intercourse more intense. But these are just a few ways on how to use Spanish Fly Pro successfully. 

Additional ways to utilize it are:

  • Jumpstarting your interest in sex if you are experiencing low sex drive
  • Easy to transport and take with you for an intimate rendezvous
  • Vigorous, relentless energy in the bedroom
  • Can be used to increase immunity function
  • Causing lubrication to the vagina for more effortless, passionate intercourse


The reason why Spanish Fly Pro is the world’s number one selling female aphrodisiac is because it is used by a broad spectrum of users. For those disinterested in sex, 5 drops revitalizes their instincts and allows them to embrace themselves as a sexual being. 

For women, it can positively affect their stimulation, and in turn deliver unmatched orgasms. And for men that are already craving intercourse, Spanish Fly Pro puts them over the top by giving them a libido that not only makes them feel confident, but performs amazingly between the sheets. 

By sending a rush of blood flow to the genital area, it speeds up arousal and promotes longevity of your erection. How you use Spanish Fly Pro ultimately depends on where you fall on current sexual activity, and which areas you would like to see improvement, literally overnight.

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