Libido – Another dimension of Human personality

Sexual desire could be interestingThe desire of a person for the sexual act is known as Libido. The desire of a person to get involved in sexual activity is absolutely a feature of human sexuality. This varies largely from person to person and also to larger extent it depends on the situation in which that person is in. Sexual force or the desire mainly depends on three factors and they are biological, social, and psychological.

Relation of different factors with Libido

  • Biological Factor – Testosterone hormones of a person are the main driving force behind the sexual desire of a person.
  • Social Factor – The work environment or the family life of a person largely influences the sexual desire in a person.
  • Psychological Factor – The psychological condition of a person is one of the major factors which drive the person’s desire of getting into sexual activity or not. Stress can be a perfect example of psychological factor which controls the sexual drive.

Different aspects of Human Sexuality

It is the sexual alignment of a person. On the basis of that to which sex the person is getting attracted the human sexuality can be divided into four categories;

  • Homosexuality – Person gets attracted towards the same sex
  • Bisexuality – Gets attracted to both the sexes
  • Pan sexuality – Gets attracted towards all kinds of gender individualities
  • Asexuality – This type of person does not have any sexual urge for any kind of sexes

More information about Libido

How sexual libido works?

It is not necessary that a person with the intention of sexual act always get the scope of accomplishing his or her desire. A person can psychologically repress or sublimate his or her desire.

Sexual urges can get affected due to the side effect of medicines, health condition, lifestyle of the person, and last but not the least due to issues pertaining to the relationship. The desire for sex is categorized into two types and they are general desire for sex and desire for sex with a specific person.

The desire for sex is the utmost important factor to maintain a steady and warm relationship between two partners.

The normal level of sex cannot be ascertained. A person may have the desire to have sex everyday or even for multiple times a day and some might want to have that once a month or year. Some might not be interested in having sex at all.

The disorder in sexual urge or low libido seems to happen with majority women, primarily due to hormonal disorder. The desire for sex in women may get reduced immediately after the issue of a baby.

Men face the issue of low libido due to the erectile dysfunction, but it may also happen that a man with erectile dysfunction does not suffer due to decrease of sexual urge. The men mostly experience low sexual urge as they grow old.

Diet to boost libido

Eleven types of foods are listed below which actually boost libido in a person

  • Celery
  • Raw oysters
  • Banana
  • Avocado
  • Almonds
  • Fruits like Mango, peach, strawberry etc
  • Egg
  • Liver
  • Fig
  • Garlic
  • Chocolates