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Low Libido – The different causes and available remedies

low libido could be a problemLibido is a term which is used to describe the sexual urge of a person. Sigmund Freud is the person who made this term popular. This is a part of human id, which is one of the three psychic factors of human being.

This is instinctual and depends on various factors. It can be high or low; there can be different biological, psychological, and social factors which make this desire of having sex in a person high or low. Health condition of a person is also a very important factor for a person to have his desire of sex high or low.

Factors and reasons of having low libido

The desire for sex reduces for multiple reasons. There can be the reasons such as lesser privacy, reduced intimacy, mental distractions, mental depressions etc. Reduced desire for sex is not always related with sterility. The environmental factors also sometimes lead to low sexual urge. The hormonal disorders such as deficiency of testosterone hormone in human body are the major reason for low sexual desire.

There are certain types of prescribed medication which can also reduce the sexual desire. The lifestyle of the partner, physical attraction, and fitness can also contribute the reasons of having low sexual urge. Apart from these, the factors like tiredness and stress due to a very fast life can also lower down the libido. The mental traumas like sexual assaults, abuses or neglects can also be the strong factors behind the low level of desire for sex.

Due to improper diet and nourishment, the hormonal level of the human beings gets disrupted and in turn it adds to the reason of having low desire for sex. Particularly in women, the low level of iron in the body or anemia causes the lack of desire for sex. This happens particularly during the period.

Other than this, the possibility of having low urge for sexual act is high for the underweight people or malnourished people. The people with restless lifestyles who smoke and drink a lot tend to have low sexual desire. The excessive drug intake can also lead to the improper or low sexual desire.

How to improve libido

A balanced diet with some specific food chart can always increase the level of libido. The reason of low libido leads to so many relationship break ups and mental agonies within relationships. The people those who are excessively addicted to smoking, drinking alcohol, and drug consumption can easily give up their bad habits to lead a healthier life and increased libido.

Others can also easily improve libido by maintaining diet chart, exercising regularly, and at times consulting doctors and last but not the least by learning to manage stress. They are very easily available means of cure for low libido.

Some easily available list of foods is mentioned below which will actually increase the low libidoand can be considered as cure for low libido at home along with the daily life;

  • Apples
  • Almonds
  • Herbal preparations with Shatavari, Vidari, milk etc
  • Dates
  • Soup made up of drumstick flower mixed with milk
  • Dried up root of Asparagus