Montessori Parenting

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Do you know about Montessori Parenting yet? If not, let’s get acquainted Moms, so that you can get to know and be familiar.

Welcome back moms to the website, which hopefully will always bring this benefit.

In this article, we will discuss something that may be a bit foreign to our ears Moms hihi..

Yups, we will discuss about Montessori Parenting. Parenting a baby is not just meeting their food and clothing needs, Moms, but also providing a good education so that they grow up to be independent and self-confident children. A child will need more education for his future. To give the best for the baby, of course, we as parents will try our best for their good. So don’t just give them an action that makes them even more rebellious, Moms. Give them the freedom to make their own choices, but must stay within the limits.

Okay, let’s just talk about Montessori Parenting. Actually, what is meant by Montessori Parenting?

Montessori Parenting is one of the learning methods aimed at the baby to create an independent nature and make it easy for the little one to adapt to the outside world, Moms. The Montessori method is also an educational method that can really help your little one to reach his potential in life. Moms, every child must have a different and extraordinary potential, and that potential will be able to develop if we as parents provide the right teaching.

Moms do not know, if the term Montessori is taken from the name of a female doctor in Italy whose full name is Maria Montessori. Maria Montessori began to find ways to approach educating these children since the 1900s. It’s been about 30 years Moms. Maria Montessori developed an educational method for children by giving them the freedom to organize their own activities. Montessori learning is direct and active, so a child will find information for themselves. For the characteristics of this Montessori learning method, children will learn independently and can choose what they want to learn.

In this way, it is hoped that the little one can develop their respective potential. This makes them independent and active children. Doctor Maria Montessori believes that children will learn better if they choose what they want to learn for themselves. Wow, that’s really great Moms.

But, what is the difference between the Montessori education method and the usual education? Have you ever had a question like that?

Maybe some of it is yes Moms hehe. In general, in regular education, children must learn all the lessons that are taught and adapted to the existing curriculum. Meanwhile, Montessori education provides learning for children according to what they choose and are interested in learning without any coercion.

So, what are the advantages of this Montessori education method? There are many advantages that exist and that children can get when following this Montessori education method.

First, children can build and develop the abilities or skills they have had since they were young.

Second, children’s learning process will be more fun and children will be more active in learning.

Third, children will be more disciplined and independent because this method also teaches and trains children to be independent.

So, how do you make sure that you can strengthen Montessori teaching when your child is at home? Hmm, there are several ways Moms, that can be practiced when your little one is at home.

First, equip the right tools for them to study at home.

Mother, support your little one’s potential by facilitating them with tools that can help them develop. For example, your little one likes to arrange things or items, then you can buy your little one a puzzle or a toy house.

Second, take your little one out for a walk.

Taking your little ones out for a walk to observe nature will really help them increase their curiosity so that they will be more enthusiastic about learning. Besides that, it’s also fun for moms to heal with your little one, hihi.

Well Moms, so that’s a little explanation about Montessori parenting and its description. Now you know, right? If you want to use this educational method, you can really Moms. Find your little one a Montessori school in the nearest place and always support whatever they choose, as long as it’s good, so that their potential will grow. Never curb the development of their potential, because it will make the potential of your little one buried and lost in time.

Good luck great parents.

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