Parenting Teens With Love and Lovic

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Teenage child? Let’s check Moms how to raise parenting teens with love and logic that still makes them comfortable and disciplined.

When they reach their teens, it’s not uncommon for children to seem not that close to their parents. When they reach their teens, children will experience a condition where they have a high curiosity about new things they meet. For this reason, it is necessary to approach parents by nurturing parenting teens with love and logic.

In response to this, of course, the role of parents remains important in the care of their children. For that, we as parents should approach children since they are small.

Here, we have summarized several ways that parents can do to continue to be able to raise parenting teens with love and logic:

Be a good role model for children We as parents must be able to set good examples for children.

This is done so that we as parents are proven not only to teach them but also to set an example. So that way the child can determine for himself which one is good to do and what he should not do. Because they have received direct instruction from their parents.

Provide information on how to manage stress in children.

As a teenager, he usually often has problems that make him keep thinking about it. For that, we should introduce them to how to manage stress so that they can deal with their problems well and mentally strong. We as parents should never scold children when they are in trouble, because it will only provoke their emotions to be higher. Invite them to speak softly and nicely. Try to understand the child’s feelings. With this parents will greatly help children alleviate the problem.

Keep a good community.

Moms, it is very important to maintain communication with children, especially those who are already teenagers. Give children the opportunity and time to tell stories to share what they are feeling. Try to be a good listener to your child. Give your opinion or input that can help the child overcome the problem. With this, the child will feel comfortable telling the problem to his parents.

Make an agreement on rules with children.

When children are teenagers, usually they will spend more time with their friends. Therefore, make rules with children that can keep children disciplined but not too restrictive. Make them as comfortable as possible with the rules that we make.

Provide information in socializing.

Teenagers will usually be easy to get along with anyone who he thinks is cool. However, this is a concern for parents if the child gets into the wrong association. For this reason, it is very important for parents to provide information in getting along with children. Give them information about juvenile delinquency such as drugs and the dangers of speeding so that children do not fall into these things.

Respect children’s privacy.

Stepping on a teenager, of course, children will have their own privacy, which of course doesn’t have to be parents who take part and know. Try to respect the child’s privacy, for example, do not open the child’s cell phone even though sometimes we feel curious about its contents. Because maybe they keep their privacy there.

Don’t embarrass your child.

Oe way to raise your child with love and logic is not to embarrass your child in front of other people. For example, scolding a child in public. Invite the child to move to a quiet place when the mother wants to scold the child. Because humiliating a child in public will make the child’s self-esteem drop. With this, the mother will also appreciate the child more because the mother can respect her child too.

Support the choice of children.

After reaching the age of adolescence, of course, will have a dream or ideals to be achieved. We as parents should not forbid and demand that our children be what we want them to be. Keep supporting whatever the child chooses, because they have the right to make their choice as long as the choice is good and does not harm others.

Love them as they are.

Moms, we as parents should never demand that our children be perfect. For example, if there is a neighbor’s child who wins the Olympics, we can’t demand them to become Olympic champions too, because the child may be pressured by the mother’s demands. Every child will have their own potential and abilities. So, appreciate what children have, love them for what they are Moms.

So you already know Moms, how can we still take care of parenting teens with love and logic, so as not to make them feel constrained. You can apply this method, so that the child becomes an obedient teenager, but not by force.

Good luck moms. Hopefully useful,

Happy reading.

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