RIE Parenting Method

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RIE Parenting Method. One of the parenting methods that can really be applied to your little one. Curious? Check it out!!

Have you ever asked the baby for permission before doing an activity with the baby? If so, it means that you have applied the RIE parenting method.

What? RIE? how come you just heard moms?

Resources for Infant Educarers or commonly referred to as RIE is a method of baby care that is carried out by always asking for permission from the child when going to do an activity or activity. The RIE Parenting Method is actually not a new parenting method, but has been around for a long time. This RIE parenting method tries to treat the child like an adult.

This RIE parenting method was first discovered by Magda Berber who lives in Los Angeles. According to Magda Berber, babies can learn and develop if they are given a safe space and freedom without needing too much direction from adults. In this method, parents must have respect for their baby. By always inviting to communicate during parenting, it can encourage the baby to be more active. This RIE parenting method can be applied to babies aged 0-18 months.

Examples of communication utterances in the RIE parenting method are, for example, “Son, please eat first” or “Son, let’s cook first”. RIE parenting also allows your little one to express various emotions, such as crying, laughing, being happy, and so on. This is done so that the baby is not accustomed to harboring the feelings he feels.

Are you getting interested in the RIE parenting method?

If interested, here are some ways you can use the RIE parenting method.

Take time to observe your little one.

Moms, one of our duties as parents is to observe the development and character of the baby. With this we will know better what children like and what they don’t like, so we can be precise in giving something according to what they want.

Be consistent with all the rules that you give.

Moms, set a rule at home but must remain consistent in carrying it out. Don’t just emphasize this rule for the baby, but we as parents must obey it. Making rules at home is proven to make children more disciplined.

Give the child time to play alone.

In this RIE Parenting method, the mother must give time for the baby to play alone. You can give them toys that don’t harm them and you can just sit and watch your little one play alone with their toys.

Collaborate with your little one.

Moms, what is meant by collaborating with your little one here is doing everything with your little one and still giving your little one a role in it. The point is, here the mother does not only teach the baby, but the mother also invites the baby to do it.

Let your baby direct you when you play.

Moms, with this RIE parenting method, let your little one direct what he wants when playing. Let the little one do as he thinks. This way, your little one’s creativity will increase.

Let the child move freely.

Moms, don’t limit your little one to move as he wants. Allow him to move without the restrictions his parents gave him. Moms just direct your little one to keep moving freely well. Do this to build your little one’s confidence.

Try to be a friend to your little.

Moms, try to be a friend to your little one by understanding your feelings and listening to what your baby complains about. This will certainly make your little one happy and comfortable when there is something to tell his parents.

So, what are the benefits of this RIE parenting method?

One of the benefits of RIE parenting is the space for parents to take care of their own needs without guilt. Another benefit is allowing your little one to set their own pace for their lives.

So that’s it, Moms, a complete description of the RIE Parenting method. Do you think you are interested in trying it? This can also be learned for those new couples who are still in the process of having children. So that they can later apply a fixed parenting pattern for the baby. because caring for your little one is not something that can be done carelessly yes, because this will greatly affect their growth and development. Hopefully the explanation above can be useful, Moms. Good luck.

Happy reading!!

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