Romantic Evenings: Ideas for a Unique Date

eveningbeautyGirlfriends, husbands, wives, and boyfriends all want ideas for romantic evenings. Ideas that include an element of fun while still maintaining the romance aspect usually go over well with all types of relationships. If you want to plan a special date with a loved one but can’t think of anything to do, use this article to get some ideas on how to make your lover feel special.

Reenact the First Date

Most couples still remember their first date. Whether it was a good experience or an uncomfortable one, they cherish those memories for a lifetime. There is nothing more romantic than reliving those first moments together by visiting the same restaurant or movie theater you visited that night. If the restaurant doesn’t exist anymore, consider fixing a meal with the same menu items or renting the movie that you two saw in the theater.

Try to remember every last detail of the night. What were you wearing? What was she wearing? Do you remember any of the conversations you had that night? Reminiscing about that date creates memories of romantic evenings. Ideas incorporating your activities that first night make the date much more romantic.

Incorporate Lover’s Interests

Any couple who has been together long enough knows there are certain things the woman likes to do that the man doesn’t, or vice versa. For example, the female might love the idea of a murder mystery dinner, but the male wants nothing to do with it. The boyfriend might want to skydive, but the girlfriend is scared to death. Use this romantic night to spoil your partner and plan something you know he or she has been wanting to do for a long time. This selflessness shows a lot of love for your partner.

If you can’t think of anything in particular that your partner wants to do, make the evening all about him or her. Go to her favorite restaurant and let her pick the movie this time. Give her a back-rub or make all the babysitting arrangements (if you have children). Of course, if it is a man, cater the entire evening to his pleasure.

Romantic Night at Home

You don’t have to spend money to have romantic evenings. Ideas for staying at home include fixing a special meal and serving it on your best china. Make sure to eat by candle light. Then, instead of popping a movie into the DVD player, grab a bottle of wine and play a romantic game. If you don’t have one on hand, try this idea instead. Each person writes down answers to these questions:

  • What first attracted you to her/him?
  • What is your favorite physical feature of your partner?
  • What words come to mind when you think of your partner?
  • What is the best date you two have shared together?

These could go on and on. Once you two share your answers, you’ll see how your conversation just flows.

Of course you can use these ideas around Valentine’s Day, but you don’t have to wait for that one day to show your partner some romance. Surprise him/her and see how happy he/she feels when he/she realizes how much effort you put into creating a romantic date.