For Fun: Sexual Records Which Are Quite Impressive

World is really interesting place to live and lots of people make it even more interesting! :)

This article is about sexual curiosity (most insteresting records from sexual words). We wonder how such records are measured …?

And sorry, no pictures :)

The biggest vagina in the world

Did you heard about vagina which can stretch to an incredible 50 cm? Yes, it’s real. The owner of this biggest sexual organ was Anna Swan and she almost never experience any orgasm with it. That’s horrible, right?

The largest penis in the world

The bigger, the better? Well, no! The longest penis measured 13,4 inches and stand by its thickness was 6,3 inches. The owner of this pride was Dr. Robert Dickinson.

A woman who swallowed the largest amount of ejaculate

This woman had apparently really interesting intimate life. Doctor found in her stomach almost 1l of ejaculate!

The youngest mother in the world

Lina Medina of Peru became the youngest ever a mother who gave birth when she was only five years.

The oldest man who managed to impregnate a woman

Nanu Ram Jogi managed to impregnate his wife when he was 90 years old! How? We don’t know.

The strongest ejaculation

Longest radius was 236 inches long. Fastest was almost 43 miles!