Spice Up Your Sex Life With Lingerie

Couples who have been together for years and are past the honeymoon period often encounter periods when their sex life wanes. This is a very common occurrence as lifestyles change, things become repetitive and day to day stresses mount. Between juggling work, a social life, family and other commitments, a married couple’s sex life can often take a back seat and become boring.

To improve your sex life and spice things up you don’t have to take drastic steps like taking a long romantic holiday together (although such an activity is not frowned upon!). In fact, there are a number of things couples could try in their daily lives to put a little bit of fire back into their love lives.

Be Spontaneous When It Comes to Intimacy

It is easy to brush sex aside and feel that there are more important issues at hand to deal with but to surprise your partner with an impromptu invitation to sex is one way to excite one another. Sneak away for a quickie, take a little bit of time out to be naughty – this is a great way to bring an element of danger or risk, which can be a strong aphrodisiac, to the relationship.

If the married partners are in the routine of having sex at night, why not try a morning session or a quickie at lunch time? Switching things up like that might seem very simple but could have a great impact on a couple’s sex life.

Sexy Lingerie Need not be Limited to Special Occasions

Putting on sexy knickers gives women a boost, making them feel more powerful and desirable, so why not incorporate that into your routine more? Wearing sexy lingerie under the day to day attire will not only boost a woman’s own self-esteem throughout the day, it will also give her man a nice surprise when she peels back her daily duds to expose her sexy self.

Kiss More Often and More Deeply

According to the article “Improve Your Sex Life With One Kiss” featured in Men’s Health, kissing “can dramatically boost the frequency and quality of your bedroom action.” This is because of the association women and men have between a great kiss and sex. Kissing is a major foreplay tool due to the chemical reaction men and women have both mentally and physically to a sexy smooch. Kisses are intimate and make a woman feel closer to her partner.

So make the kisses count. Instead of a quick peck on the lips, take the few extra seconds to have a proper lingering kiss. This will set the couple up for the rest of the day, or better yet, get things started on the spot.

Explore Your Sexual Fantasies Together

Many couples feel ashamed to admit they have sexual fantasies and feel even more insecure to express them to their partners. But sharing such an intimate detail could open up a whole new sexual side to your relationship.

Sharing sexual fantasies which explains how talking about your sexual fantasy in the third person could help you to express your fantasy without making it too personal. For example, talk about a certain scene in a movie which aroused you instead of explaining what you would like done to you. This is a sort of buffer between feeling like you are giving up too much and keeping your fantasy entirely to yourself.

Role playing is a great way to have some fun in the bedroom and is much easier than explaining your deeper most thoughts. Go out and buy some dress up outfits and indulge your creative sexual mind.

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