The Benefits of Having an Active Sex Life

Sure, there are people who choose to vow chastity for various reasons, and although this can be respected, there is so much benefit that can come from having an active sex life.

Improve the Senses

The feeling after sex is quite simply indescribable; however, not only does it leave you with an amazing feeling throughout your body, believe it or not it actually increases your sense of smell. Although this is probably the last thing you are thinking about after experiencing mind shattering, knee knocking, finger tingling sex, you will have produced the hormone ‘prolactin surges’. Alan Farnham in his article ‘Is Sex Necessary’ ( describes this hormone as causing stem cells in your brain to develop new neurons in the brain’s olfactory bulb (its smell centre).

General Fitness

Not only does sex improve the senses, it also contributes to the minimum recommended guidance of how much physical exercise you should be doing in a given week, which aims to combat related diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure or strokes. The American College of Sports Medicine provides guidance to include 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week of moderately intense cardio, or 20 minutes, 3 days a week of vigorously intense cardio per week.

The thought of going to the gym, going for countless runs around the block, or dusting off and using your purchased home gym equipment may seem unfavourable due to the fact your current lifestyle simply will not allow you to get into this type of routine. However sex is not only proven to burn over 200 calories per vigorous session (Alan Farnham,, you will more than likely enjoy it a lot more than taking a run around the block, where the only sounds you’ll be experiencing are the sounds coming from your iPod!

Mental Health

Sex is considered to be a form of treatment for difficulties in a person’s mental health. Depression is common in a number of groups of people; however, it has been discussed that sex could be a tool to assist in relieving depression. As discussed above, sex is considered to be a form of exercise, and some people go as far as saying that exercise may be just as effective at treating depression as antidepressant medicines (The Mental Health Foundation).

Prevention of Prostate Cancer

Some people believe there is a link between ejaculation and prostate cancer. The general thought is that the more you ejaculate, the lower the risk of contracting the disease. Furthermore, the British Journal of Urology International informs that men in their 20s can significantly reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer by a third, if they ejaculate at least five times a week.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that having sex with multiple partners can actually increase the risk of cancer by 40%, based on the fact you will be increasing your chances of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections. Have no fear however if you are not having sex at least 5 times a week, as ejaculation doesn’t mean it has to be done through sex – masturbation will also do the trick!

As it can be seen, sex is not only a pleasurable experience for most people, but there are many other benefits of maintaining a healthy sex life. Furthermore, researchers have found evidence to suggest that by having a number of sexual partners, you are in fact increasing the risk of contracting the disease.

Finally, although those who make a vow of chastity have to be respected for their efforts, it must be noted that if you belong to this category of people, you may not be promoting your mental or physical health.