Tips For Processing Children’s Emotions

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Children’s emotions are difficult to manage? Check it out, bun, 9 tips to teach children to manage their emotions well.

Hello Moms… How are you doing..?? I hope you and your baby are always healthy.

In this article, we will discuss emotions in children, yes Moms. Did you know that the role of parents is very large in the pattern of emotional processing in children. Many parents do not know that introducing and teaching children about emotions must begin when the child is still a child. Emotions can be shown when feeling happy, angry, or afraid of something.

The emotions that you can see from your child since he was little are sad, angry and happy. But when a child has started to develop, then he will meet other emotions, such as feelings of shame, pride, empathy and others. So, it’s very important to introduce emotions to children from an early age, so that children can express their feelings well and not easily have tantrums in handling their own emotions.

Okay Moms, below are some tricks or tips that mothers can teach and apply so that children can process their emotions well:

Talking about emotions to children.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is introducing the kinds and types of emotions to your child. Mostly, a child who does not know about emotional issues will be confused about how to express his emotions so that he will end up venting his emotions in the form of attacks. Talking about emotional issues to children will teach him how to respond well to what he feels in his heart.

Helping children in finding out the causes of their emotions.

When a child is emotional, wait for the emotions to subside. After it subsides, the mother can ask and help the child find out what causes him to be emotional by asking him to talk. After the mother knows the cause, here the mother can help the child how to solve the problem that makes a child’s emotions rise.

Give your child plenty of time when emotions are calming down.

Talking to your child when you are angry will only make the anger worse. For this reason, mothers must give free time to children so that children can find peace to reduce their emotions. Don’t let this happen, when the child’s emotions are rising, but the mother nags or scolds the child, because that will trigger a bigger problem. Because when the child is in an emotional state, it will be difficult for him to digest the information that the mother provides properly.

Praise the child’s good behavior.

As a child, you will certainly feel happy when you get praise from your parents. The behavior that the mother gives can be one way to teach children to reduce their angry habits, because children will feel that they always get attention from their parents. Eits.. But mothers should not praise their children excessively yes, because it will have a bad impact on children in the future.

5.Teach children how to control their emotions in a simple way.

A simple way that mothers can teach to stabilize a child’s emotions, one of which can be by helping him inhale slowly in a count then exhale. Because this method is very effective for reducing emotions in everyone.

Teach children how to express feelings.

The habit of a child when he is emotional will act excessively such as shouting, screaming, and throwing objects around him. Here, mothers can teach children how to express a child’s angry feelings in a better way. For example, when a child is angry, teach them a good word or sentence that indicates he is angry. So, the child will be able to learn to process his actions when he is in an emotional state.

Don’t let your child suppress his emotions.

Moms, never allow children to suppress their emotions, because when children are emotional, the heart rate will increase so that it can increase the child’s risk of violence. To prevent this, the mother can slowly ask the children so that they want to tell their hearts and the mother must try to be the most comfortable place for the story for the child, so that the child feels comfortable and makes the child want to always tell the mother when he is in trouble.

Always set a good example for children.

The behavior of a child tends to depend and according to how his parents educate. Do not fill the house with anger and harsh words so that children see it and make children imitate the actions of their parents. Teach children how to solve problems well and not always with anger. Be a parent who can be a good role model for children.

Set boundaries when the child is angry.

Of course, a child may be angry, but also teach that his anger does not go beyond the limit. Make sure when the child is angry not to play physically let alone to swear. Make this a rule, so that children can carry out the consequences when they violate.

Well, those are some tips or tricks to teach children to be able to manage their emotions well. Keep being the best first madrasa for your child Moms, stay enthusiastic and always happy. Hopefully useful, happy reading and trying.. See u

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