Top 5 Things That Ruin Your Sexual Life

You have been sexually active for years, but in recent months or years, you have noticed a steady decline in the frequency of your sexual activity. You may be wondering why or how this happened and what you can do to get your mojo back.

Following are the top five things that may be inhibiting your sexual happiness:

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction affects more men than one would think, and it can cause significant frustration for a sexually active couple or partnership. The condition stems from a number of causes, such as diabetes, hormonal issues, and sometimes injury. When a man cannot sustain an erection, it can put a huge damper on intimacy in a relationship.

Weight Gain and Poor Hygiene

Perhaps your partner or spouse took amazing care of him or herself at the beginning of a relationship. He or she was active, healthy, and cared about his or her appearance. Now, perhaps you find yourself married or committed to someone who is on the verge of obesity and projects a lack of concern for personal hygiene.

This can cause you to lose the attraction that you once had for him or her, making sex a less desirable activity to share. Bad breath, unpleasant bodily odors, and a general lack of physical appeal can definitely cause a person to want to avoid sex.

Starting a Family

While starting a family doesn’t necessarily hinder sexual activity for every couple, it can definitely lead to a decrease in intimacy for some. With all the concerns and hard work that come with having kids, many parents tend to put sex on the back burner. Also, newborns and babies tend to take control of your every waking and sleeping hour, which can make finding time for sex a near impossibility.

Poor Health

While obesity can fall under the umbrella of poor health, other health factors can cause a serious strain on your time with your lover. A lack of sleep may cause you to feel drained, making sex seem like a chore rather than a pleasure. A dysfunctional immune system may cause you to get sick frequently, leaving your lover outside your bed to avoid contagion.


Being a Workaholic

Having a fantastic work ethic is what any and every boss wants from you, but most likely, it is not what your spouse or lover is demanding from you. When you work long hours that start very early and go until late in the evening, your sex life will usually be affected.

If you are a die-hard workaholic, chances are that you are bringing your work home and even into bed. While a raise or promotion at work may be amazing, your sexual life may take a nosedive if you don’t know how to leave your work at the office.

If you find that any of these things are affecting your sex life, you may want to see how you can change them. A healthy, active sexual life is not only great for your personal wellbeing, it also helps to build a strong relationship with your partner or spouse.