Ways for a Woman to be Romantic – Add Spark to the Relationship

After the initial spark fades from the relationship, it takes extra effort to bring back the romance. Take some time to come up with something to add some sizzle and find ways to fall in love all over again. At first, the extra gestures might feel awkward, but over time, both people will look forward to seeing what comes next.

A Couple Can Learn Something New Together

Come up with something neither person has experience doing and take a class to learn how. With both people at the same beginner level of skill, the process will help the relationship grow and develop. Listen to little hints of things he says he’d enjoy learning then surprise him by paying for the class in advance.

Classes to bring a couple closer:

  • Cooking classes will require both people to be in the kitchen together, and the result may be a romantic meal made from scratch.
  • Dance classes will bring the couple together in a tight hold that will certainly create plenty of sparks.
  • College classes will help stimulate the mind and provide opportunities to study together.

Make Everyday Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is officially on February 14, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be celebrated on all the other days of the year. Make everyday Valentine’s Day by surprising him with little love treats. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Even a small gesture will bring Cupid back into the romance.

Valentine’s Day gestures for everyday:

  • The day after Valentine’s Day, stock up on boxes of children’s Valentine’s Day cards. Leave one for him in a variety of places, such as the lunch box, on the pillow, tucked into his briefcase, and anywhere else he’ll look.
  • String a bunch of Valentine cutouts in any doorway to show how much you love him.
  • Candy hearts and roses make delicious surprises.
  • Bake cookies in heart shapes to stick in his lunch box or to munch on while snuggling on the sofa.

Public Displays of Affection

Surprise him when going out with friends by exhibiting public displays of affection. Don’t forget to consider the sensibilities of others in the area. If his boss or coworkers are present, make sure any gesture is appropriate to the situation.

Romantic public displays of affection:

  • When he looks up from across the room, blow him a kiss or wink.
  • Find out what he’s wearing and wear something to match.
  • While chatting with a group, mention one of his best traits.
  • Before walking into a room, take his arm or hand so everyone knows who he belongs to.

Give Him His Favorite Things

Everyone has favorite foods, clothes, jewelry, fragrances, music, television shows, places and activities. Show him some love by frequently presenting him with one of his favorite things. This can be daily, once a week, monthly or randomly. Make sure he’s aware that the gift is intentional.

Ways to give him his favorite things:

  • Cook a meal with all his favorite foods on the plate.
  • Save his favorite fragrance to wear on date nights.
  • If he isn’t able to watch his favorite television show, record it to watch later – together.
  • Treat him to his favorite sporting event or other activity.
  • Kidnap him from his office and treat him to lunch at his favorite restaurant.

Any long-term relationship can get stale, so find ways to keep it alive with a little effort to show him how much he’s loved. Taking classes, exhibiting public displays of affection, giving him his favorite things and making everyday Valentine’s Day will surely make happy and add the sizzle to keep the relationship exciting.