What is parenting? Check Out The Answer Here!

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What is parenting? Check out the answer here!!

Hello, beautiful and great mothers. How were the days? Of course you are always happy because you can always play with your beloved husband and children.

Moms, caring for and educating children has become an obligation that every parent must give to their children. Parenting patterns for their children include 2 things Moms, the first includes meeting the psychological needs of children such as love and attention and a sense of security in children, and the second includes meeting children’s physical needs such as food, drink and clothing. And the pattern of parenting can also be called parenting.

What? Parenting? What is parenting?

Parenting is a job or skill that parents do in educating children. Because parents are the first madrasa for their children, it is fitting for parents to have knowledge before providing care to children, so that later children can get proper care. Even though you are already a parent, there are also many moms who don’t really understand the meaning of parenting.

Then what is parenting according to experts? There are several experts who express their opinions about parenting, including:

  • According to Jane B Brooks, parenting as a process refers to a series of actions and interactions that parents take to support children’s development. The parenting process is not a one-way relationship in which parents only influence children, but more than that, parenting is a process of interaction between parents and children who are influenced by the culture and social institutions in which children are raised.
  • According to Jerome Kagam, parenting is a series of decisions regarding the socialization of children. It contains what parents or caregivers should do to facilitate children’s ability to be responsible and contribute as part of society.
  • According to Hetherington and Whiting, parenting is a total interaction process between parents and children, such as maintenance, feeding, cleaning, protecting and socializing children with the surrounding environment.

So what is the purpose of this parenting?

The purpose of this parenting knowledge is to improve the skills and knowledge of parents about the procedures for nurturing and educating children with good care. The goal is clear, right? It’s never too late Moms, to learn about parenting, especially for couples who will become parents. They really have to learn this science.

What are the benefits of learning parenting from the start? Here are some of the benefits, Moms:

Mentally prepare to be a good parent.

Learning parenting from the start or before a partner has a child will certainly make both partners mentally prepared when they have a child.

Improve the skills of parents when they have children.

Make prospective parents have new knowledge when they learn parenting.

Learning parenting will make prospective parents understand a lot of new knowledge in parenting their children well.

Oh yes, Moms, there are some parenting tips that all of you can really apply.

Listen to every child’s opinion.

Even though they are still small children, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be appreciated. Children also want to be respected by their parents. So, always learn to listen to the opinions expressed by children.

Intend seriously when caring for children.

Do not take care of the baby with a feeling of being forced, because it will make it difficult for your little one to apply and accept the education that the mother gives.

There are 5 types of parenting patterns that you need to know.

The first is authoritarian parenting.

This authoritarian parenting method, parents will impose their every will on the child without giving the child the opportunity to express his opinion. Here the children will experience stress and pressure.

The second is authoritative parenting.

For this second parenting pattern, parents will provide rules for children, but children are still given the opportunity to express their opinions. Here children will feel more valued by their parents.

For the third, namely Negluctful parenting.

In this parenting pattern, parents tend to free their children without giving them a rule in doing things.

And finally, Permissive parenting.

Permissive parenting, parents are more likely to intervene when their child has a serious problem, besides that they will free the baby to do whatever the child wants to do.

So that’s Moms brief understanding what is parenting.

Good luck Moms and keep the spirit.

Hopefully useful. Happy reading

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