Faking orgasm is not good choice

Why “Faking It” Won’t Fool Him

Guess what: Your partner probably knows you’re faking your orgasms. If you’d like to actually have real orgasms, then this article will pique your interest. First, let it be known that if you do fake orgasms, you’re definitely not alone: one study shows that anywhere from 60% to 80% of women have faked their orgasms. And, if you’re particularly unfortunate, you’re among the 10% to 15% of women who, according to Durex, never climax under any circumstances (which can lead to psychological problems). That might change. But before we get to that, we should explore some key issues here.

Why You May Be Faking Orgasms


There are possibly many reasons why women fake orgasms. 2 of the main reasons we’ll discuss are:

  • 1. Because you don’t want your man to feel bad;
  • 2. Because you’re not enjoying sex (due to low libido, or never having orgasm).

What About Your Partner?

If you fake orgasms to avoid disappointing your partner, you may want to know that your partner can probably sense that you’re not enjoying sex as much as you imply. A University of Waterloo study, published in the April 2014 issue of the Archives of Sexual Behavior, surveyed 84 couples. The findings of that study reveals that men and women are more or less equally accurate in determining their partners’ satisfaction. So, when you fake an orgasm, your partner might not say anything…but he’ll probably know it wasn’t genuine, especially if nothing about the sex has changed. And that brings us to our next point: there are many ways to improve sexual satisfaction.

3 Foundational Ways You and Your Partner Can Mutually Increase Your Sexual Satisfaction

female sexual satisfaction 1. Communicate and Understand

Although we’re not saying you should get married, it’s telling to note that, according to FirstThings.org, married couples are more sexually satisfied than non-married couples. Why is that…? Because married couples have presumably spent a lot more time together. Their relationships are very developed, having matured over the years.

Generally speaking, the 2 individuals in a married relationship understand each other much more deeply than those in non-married relationships. Part of developing a deep relationship together is determined by how much time you spend with your partner, and how long you’ve been with them. So, be sure to take the time to grow your relationship and intimacy.

The key point here is that, regardless of whether you’re married or not, the most satisfying relationships have an element of well-developed understanding, openness, and communication.

2. Ask, “How do you like it?” Ask him what he/she likes Different people are receive sexual satisfaction differently. You, as an individual woman, have very unique sexual needs that differentiate you from most other women. For example, one woman’s vagina can be slightly different than another’s, since one woman’s “G-spot” can be in a slightly different location than on another woman’s.

Some women might prefer extended foreplay and slow, rhythmic lovemaking, while others want it hard and fast. Your sexual preferences can even change from one day to another, depending on the time of day, your mood, and your energy levels. This is something your partner has to know, understand, and follow. And likewise, this is something you should strive to understand about your partner. Sexual satisfaction should be a mutual effort.

As you grow together, you’ll both sense what the other partner likes.

3. Try Something New to Spice Up Your Life

You may not be enjoying sex because it has become routine, or it’s reduced to something that you do just to win favor with your partner (so that he does the dishes or something you want him to do). If sex has become predictably boring, you may want to mix in something new or unpredictable.

There are many ways to add adventure to your intimate life. It can be as subtle as trying out different positions, and can be as extreme as the imagination can take you. And speaking of trying new things, may we suggest one sex-intensifying secret that has been sworn by for ages?

Aphrodisiacs: The Love Ingredients That Multiply Your Chances of Enjoyable Sex

Foods can fix your sex life The word aphrodisiac originates with the name of Aphrodite, the Greek god of love, beauty, and sexual rapture and admired by many gods and mortals.

Basically, aphrodisiacs are aromas, foods, perfumes, or supplements that increase libido (by stimulating testosterone production) and/or sexual pleasure (by heightening the senses of touch, taste, and smell). A lot of aphrodisiacs are usually herbs extracted from sources that are known to increase sexual pleasure. Although aphrodisiacs are still a mystery to modern science, for ages, people have sworn by their sex-enhancing characteristics.

Melatonin: A Key Aphrodisiac

You may know melatonin as the hormone the body produces in order to increase the amount and quality of sleep. Did you also know that it’s an aphrodisiac, and that it can be found in such foods as bananas, oranges, and sweet corn? So, if you use melatonin-containing foods as a sleep enhancer, they can also help you have a great sex session before you go to bed.

Spanish Fly Pro: An Aphrodisiac Supplement That Makes Increased Intimacy Easier

If you want to increase your melatonin levels, you could eat high-melatonin foods, but depending on where the food was grown, you might have to eat a lot of those foods to get any noticeable effect. The amount of food you might have to eat might not be convenient, reasonable, or cost-effective for most people.

That’s where Spanish Fly Pro comes in. Spanish Fly Pro is a concentrated source of melatonin and canitis.

The combination of these 2 aphrodisiacs make for a powerful combination. In fact, Spanish Fly Pro has been shown to increase libido by up to 300%, increase chances of multiple orgasms, is FDA and MHRA-approved, and most important, has no side effects. It comes in a convenient dropper bottle, and you only need 5 drops, added to any drink, to get the full effect of it.

So, instead of faking your orgasms, or if you’re one of the 10% to 15% of women who suffer psychologically because they never orgasm, you owe it to yourself and your partner to try something new. Spanish Fly Pro can be that new, missing ingredient that takes your intimacy, orgasms, and sexual satisfaction to new heights.